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Here you’ll find the most amazing selection of gifts, crafted and shipped by a trusted jeweler in Indiana.

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Experience the timeless allure of diamond jewelry at Jewelry Near You. Our collection boasts exquisite craftsmanship, showcasing the brilliance and elegance of diamonds in every design.

From the people
From the people
Truly an amazing experience! I was gifted a permanent jewelry anklet and I bought my husband a cross necklace for his birthday. The ladies were so attentive and kind! Loved my experience.
— Viki Brown

Jewelry Near You

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Explore our best-selling items at Jewelry Near You, featuring exquisite necklaces, elegant bracelets, and dazzling earrings, each crafted to perfection for that special touch of sophistication.

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Discover the latest trends with our New Arrivals at Jewelry Near You. From contemporary necklaces to chic bracelets, each piece is a masterpiece of style and elegance.

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Discover the enchantment at Jewelry Near You, where every piece tells a story of romance and elegance. Nestled in the heart of Indianapolis, our exquisite collection of pendants, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets captures the essence of love and beauty. Each creation is a testament to our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and timeless design. Whether you're seeking a token of affection or a symbol of everlasting love, our jewelry is more than an accessory—it's a celebration of life's most precious moments. Let Jewelry Near You be your guide in finding the perfect expression of your deepest emotions.

Buying from Jewelry Near You

Jewelry is used to represent so much more than just decoration. It is given to people during engagements, birthdays, and other occasions such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthday's, anniversaries, mother's day and more. Let’s discuss what they symbolize: love, commitment, and friendships! It is also used to show a person’s personality since it is said to be the earliest form of creativity that expresses individualism. At Jewelry Near You, jewelry means much more than just a piece of decoration, and that is why we strive to bring you only the best.

What is in Online Store for You?

Fashion Jewelry. This site focus's on fashion jewelry and varies from rings to diamond stud earrings, hoop earrings, bracelets. necklaces and pendants.

Shopping for Bracelets

For most people, when you mention Jewelry, their thoughts go to earrings or rings. However, bracelets have become increasingly popular over the years and can be worn by both men and women.
Our specialists have not foregone this fashion piece, as they’ve created a bolo bracelet made in easily adjustable sterling silver.
The bracelet is made with lustrous CZ stones on an infinity symbol and an extended chain that makes it easy to tailor to your size. Visit our store to purchase this fashion statement.

Shopping for Earrings

Earrings are a classic piece of jewelry as they go well with close to all attires. Jewelry has unique earrings, from our rose gold and heart-shaped diamond studs to sterling silver & diamond open ribbon heart studs.
Crafted in polished 10K rose gold, the first mentioned studs feature a set of genuine diamonds with a total weight of 1/20 carat. The latter is lightweight and made in sterling silver. These cute earrings feature glistering circular-cut diamonds.

Shopping Necklaces & Pendants

Pendants and necklaces help a woman appear bold and expressive. This increases the need to select exemplary those that go well with your neckline and outfit.
That is why we have created a variety of this jewelry for you. From the rose gold and heart-shaped diamond piece to sterling silver & diamond stationary open-heart one, the choice is yours!

Gifts from Jewelry Near You

Jewelry gifts for some are considered the best. A diamond pendant gift can go with new fashion, they look great in the office and perfect for a night on the town.

Comparing which Jewelry Near You gift can be difficult when you consider the scale of options to jewelry. Diamond stud earrings are simple, while diamond pendants come in many sizes, shapes and gold types. While gold is yellow, white gold is actually yellow gold mixed with something that turns it white make it technically less gold. The. There are the infinite pendant types like hearts, teardrops, moon, star, love knot, butterfly and so many more. Diamond bracelets are simple with some add-on focus usually for women and men.

Deciding which Jewelry Near You gift is right for you.

Choosing the right gift really comes down to one key point, who the gift is meant for. If the gift can be a birthday gift or an anniversary present, it can be your first gift or a gift just because you care. Start with something they like, like white or rose gold, and remember jewelry can go well with the clothes someone wears. With pendants, necklaces and bracelets the feature of the jewelry could be something they love, like the moon, or a heart. Finally end your decision with the diamond weight that makes up the total weight of the jewelry. Finding the perfect gift is never easy but choosing a thoughtful gift comes with Jewelry Near You.